Classical Chen Style - Fan Form

Tai Chi Practice Fan

The Chinese fan was used both for dance and for combat.

The Tai Chi Single Fan routine incorporates movements from the Chen style of Tai Chi Chuan (as taught by Masters Eva and Karel Koskuba). This routine combines the characteristics of Tai Chi Chuan with the artistic and martial functions of the fan. Practising the Tai Chi Single Fan can help develop your flexibility, strength, balance, health, and further your Tai Chi training.

Fans were actually used as a weapon by both men and women in feudal China and often carried by the Samurai in Japan. Whether you practise Tai Chi as a martial art or for health and enjoyment, you will find Tai Chi Single Fan a wonderful addition to your overall Tai Chi regimen.

Classical 24 Movements Taijiquan Fan Form

  1. Begin
  2. Embrace the Moon Against the Chest
  3. Black Dragon Strikes with Tail
  4. Protect the Knees
  5. Black Dragon Strikes with Tail
  6. Wave Flag left and right
  7. Peacock opens its Tail
  8. Big Peng Opens Wings
  9. Three Circles round the Sun
  10. Immortal Points the Way
  11. Split Mountain
  12. Spread Wings
  13. Immortal Points the Way
  14. Green Dragon Comes out of Water
  15. White Crane Spreads Wings
  16. Golden Rooster Stands on one Leg
  17. Yellow Eagle Swoops Down
  18. Ancient Tree Wraps its Roots
  19. Search for a Bird in a Tree
  20. Swallow Pecks the Soil
  21. Hide a Flower under a Leaf
  22. Young Bird Flies Sideways
  23. White Crane Spreads Wings
  24. End

Watch video of form: Tai Chi Taiji Kung Fu Fan at

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"Remember, when moving, there is no place that doesn't move. When still there is no place that isn't still."  Tai Chi Classics