Classical Yang Style - Short Hand Form

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art appreciated widely for its power, beauty and benefits for health.

"Tai Chi is a series of continuous, flowing movements which are performed slowly and gracefully. The form is learnt gradually, posture by posture. By working from the mind through natural movements of the body we learn to appreciate the importance of posture, to understand relaxation, to interpret energy and to apply this knowledge to our everyday lives."

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These notes, written by me (Ian not Tony) describe the moves in brief for the whole form. They are intended to help students with their practice only. They cannot replace what is learnt by attending a course with a qualified instructor. I have been learning Tai Chi in its various forms as a student of Tony's since before the turn of the century. I have found that Tai Chi is not just standing there waving your hands around like you may have seen it to so appear on television or the many videos on the internet. Tony tends to emphasise the stability, posture and self-defence aspects of this martial art. Every movement has a unique purpose, which I find makes it easier to remember and to perform properly; it looks so much better too. If you are interested or already take part in any of the other martial arts then a course with Tony is highly recommended.

Classical Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Short Form

  1. Attention (Wu Chi)
  2. Preparation
  3. Beginning
  4. Ward Off Left
  5. Ward Off Right
  6. Rollback
  7. Press
  8. Split
  9. Push
  10. Single Whip
  11. Lifting Hands
  12. Shoulder Stroke
  13. White Crane Spreads Wings (including rollback)
  14. Brush Left Knee and Push
  15. Play Guitar
  16. Brush Left Knee and Push
  17. Step Forwards, Deflect Downwards, Intercept and Punch
  18. Withdraw and Push
  19. Crossing Hands
  20. Embrace Tiger and Return to Mountain
  21. Rollback
  22. Press
  23. Split
  24. Push
  25. Diagonal Single Whip
  26. Punch Under Elbow
  27. Step Back to Repulse Monkey (L)
  28. Step Back to Repulse Monkey (R)
  29. Step Back to Repulse Monkey (L)
  30. Diagonal Flying
  31. Waving Hands in Clouds (L)
  32. Waving Hands in Clouds (R))
  33. Waving Hands in Clouds (L)
  34. Waving Hands in Clouds (R))
  35. Waving Hands in Clouds (L)
  36. Single Whip
  37. Squatting Single Whip With White Snake Creeps Down
  38. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg (L), (R)
  39. Separate Right Foot
  40. Separate Left Foot
  41. Brush Left Knee and Push
  42. Needles at Sea Bottom
  43. Iron Fan Penetrates Back
  44. Turn Body, Chop and Block Back Fist
  45. Step Forward, Deflect Downwards, Intercept and Punch
  46. Kick with Right Heel
  47. Brush Right Knee and Push
  48. Brush Left Knee and Punch Downwards
  49. Ward Off Left
  50. Ward Off Right
  51. Rollback
  52. Press
  53. Split
  54. Push
  55. Single Whip
  56. Fair Ladies Weave Shuttles (L), (R), (L), (R)
  57. Ward Off Left
  58. Ward Off Right
  59. Rollback
  60. Press
  61. Split
  62. Push
  63. Single Whip
  64. Squatting Single Whip With White Snake Creeps Down
  65. Step Up to the Seven Stars
  66. Step Back to Ride Tiger
  67. Turn Body and Sweep Lotus with Right Leg
  68. Bend Bow to Shoot Tiger
  69. Step Forwards, Deflect Downwards, Intercept and Punch
  70. Withdraw and Push
  71. Crossing Hands
  72. Conclusion
  73. Attention (Wu Chi)

Ward Off Left
Ward Off Left

Squatting Single Whip
Squatting Single Whip

White Crane Spreads Wings
White Crane Spreads Wings

Brush Left Knee and Push
Brush Left Knee and Push

Visit for so much information that it would be pointless trying to emulate it here. Bibliography, links, free videos on YouTube and illustrated step by step description of one of the many forms.

"Remember, when moving, there is no place that doesn't move. When still there is no place that isn't still."  Tai Chi Classics