Instructor: Tony Jones

Tony JonesTony Jones is a member of the Chinese Internal Arts Association and British Council for Chinese Martial Arts.

"Since a young age I have been interested in martial arts. I initially learnt judo and progressed through various external arts including Kung Fu and Karate. Throughout this time I was interested in the internal martial arts and joined a class of Tai Chi Chuan."

"I have been practising Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style since 1990 and have been teaching it since 2000. I am taught by Alan Baker and attend his classes for advanced tuition. I also attend workshops run by Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang and Masters Eva and Karel Koskuba. In April 2003 I visited Sangzhou in East China to study under Su Yapling and Xing Wei Yung."

"I know the Yang Short Form, Chen Fan Form and the Sword Form. In China I learnt a Tai Chi Chen Form."

As well as regular group classes, I offer private tuition and students find they are excellent for improving your learning. One session can cover a lot of detail. Whether you wish to catch up or go further on with your form or work on a specific aspect of tai chi. I have found that one to one work is very worth while. I have a private session with my teacher on a regular bases. Sessions can take place at my home or yours for a price by arrangement.

Also there are workshops in tai chi short form, stick, fan and sword form, and self-defence according to demand. They are held mainly during the summer and where possible in the open air.

"The hsin [mind-and-heart] mobilizes the chi [vital life energy]." (Tai Chi Classics)