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Classes restart in the first full week of each school term and break for half-term. Click here for Oxfordshire Schools' Term Dates.

Beginners classes are 7pm to 8 pm. Intermediate and advanced classes are 8pm to 9pm.

Newcomers always welcome. You may prefer to start with other beginners at the start of a term but you can join classes at any time. as you will soon catch up.

Some lessons require payment per lesson and some per 10 or 12 week term (or remaining part of).

Classes consist of a mixture of students ranging from teenage to octogenarian of both sexes and of varying experience.

Wear anything you feel comfortable in but clothing in which you can move freely is best eg. tracksuit bottoms, T-shirts and trainers. Some people prefer slippers or plimsolls with a flatter, smoother sole to aid movement and balance.

Each session begins with soft and relaxing warm-up exercises (Chi Kung or Qigong), usually followed by some interactive partner work such as Pushing Hands (Tui Shou), and then by practice of the Tai Chi (Taiji) form. The exercise is very gentle but develops into a high level of skill and technique.

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As well as regular group classes, I offer private tuition and students find they are excellent for improving your learning. One session can cover a lot of detail. Whether you wish to catch up or go further on with your form or work on a specific aspect of tai chi. I have found that one to one work is very worth while. I have a private session with my teacher on a regular bases.

Sessions can take place at my home or yours for a price by arrangement.

Page UpWorkshops

Workshops in tai chi short hand form, sword form, fan form, stick form and self-defence are held mainly during the summer and where possible in the open air.

They are normally intended for people who are already attending classes or have some previous experience.

Details will be provided during your classes or contact me for details.


"The form is like that of a falcon about to seize a rabbit, and the shen [spirit of vitality] is like that of a cat about to catch a rat."  (Tai Chi Classics)