Classical Yang Style - Stick Form

Tai Chi Practice staff

The simple staff has been one of the weapons used by man since the dawn of time. Like with the sword and the fan, the stick or staff is viewed as an extension of the body. Various 'forms' have been developed both for vigorous martial art training and as a gentle exercise for physical, emotional and mental well-being. This particular form we practise is performed slowly and deliberately without any vigorous leaps and jumps. Some gentle turning and stretching is required and only one very low stance. It is particularly suitable for persons over 50 years of age who have a reasonable level of fitness.

Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang

Step 1 Boatman rows with an oar.

Step 2 Boat rows slowly.

Step 3 Wind kisses lotus leaves.

Step 4 Boatman tows a boat.

Step 5 Iron stick calms the sea.

Step 6 Golden dragon wags its tail.

Step 7 Search for treasure in the sea.

Step 8 Qi returns to dantian.

Ending stance.


A simple practice stick can be made from a wooden broom handle obtainable from any hardware store. Make sure it is straight, and cut it to 120cm; then sand and varnish. Alternatively, and more expensively, there are various wooden poles (180-200cm, 2.8-4.0cm) obtainable from Tai Chi Link: taichilink.netk

The form we practise is based on that provided by the Instituto Qigong Barcelona. You can read more on their website at: Click on the UK flag at the top to get the English version.

Watch their 16 min video entitled Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang (Qigong with stick for physical, emotional and mental well-being):

You could also see Faye Yip showing her "Tai Chi Qigong Stick Form" at the "Tai Chi Caledonia 2013" Festival:

Taiji Yangsheng Zhang: Taiji Stick Qigong ISBN-10: 1787752356 Chinese Health Qigong Association Amazon

"Be still as a mountain, move like a great river."  Tai Chi Classics